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Charcoal-burning machine/Charcoal production

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Charcoal-burning machine/Charcoal production - photo 1 Charcoal-burning machine/Charcoal production - photo 2 Charcoal-burning machine/Charcoal production - photo 3 Charcoal-burning machine/Charcoal production - photo 4 Charcoal-burning machine/Charcoal production - photo 5 Charcoal-burning machine/Charcoal production - photo 6 Charcoal-burning machine/Charcoal production - photo 7 Charcoal-burning machine/Charcoal production - photo 8 Charcoal-burning machine/Charcoal production - photo 9 Charcoal-burning machine/Charcoal production - photo 10 Charcoal-burning machine/Charcoal production - photo 11 Charcoal-burning machine/Charcoal production - photo 12 Charcoal-burning machine/Charcoal production - photo 13 Charcoal-burning machine/Charcoal production - photo 14 Charcoal-burning machine/Charcoal production - photo 15 Charcoal-burning machine/Charcoal production - photo 16
Renewed: 24 April 2024, 19:28 ID: 22833
251,850/equipment set
Delivery terms: EXW any city of Belarus
Flagma member since 15 October 2021
Драгун Александр
коммерческий директор


Charcoal-burning machine
Charcoal combustion complex is designed for processing of wood waste: dust, sawdust, chips - into high quality charcoal. In the future, the charcoal can be used for the production of charcoal briquettes, for roasting meat and barbecues, for the production of activated carbon, graphite, as an additive to the soil for plant growth.
- small dimensions
- mobility
- the firing temperature is 900-1200 degrees. This gives a high carbon content (up to 90%).
- charring rate. Exactly the temperature made it possible for us to make a plant with good indices of performance to size ratio
- the complex works on its own pyrolysis gas, and it does not require additional heating in the process of operation. The gas composition can be seen in the attached file below. Surplus gas can be used to generate electricity, heating, etc. (for use in the GPU, the gas requires cleaning)
- the unit has two regenerative heat sources. The first is used for external consumers (outlet air temperature 90-200 degrees - adjustable by the operator). The amount of heat energy - 400 kW / hr. The second is used for pre-drying of raw materials.
- capacity of this unit is 200 kg of coal crumbs per hour, or 4.8 tons per day.
- average payback period - 1 year. Service life of equipment is not less than 5 years.
- it is possible to adjust a remote access for monitoring or control of the plant.
All the thermally loaded elements are made of stainless steel (steel grade AISI 321). Delivery set includes all necessary elements: hopper of raw materials, raw material screws, pre-dryer, reactor, unloading screws, cooling screws and hopper of finished product reception.
Delivery set:
1. raw material feeding hopper (for 6 m3)
2. auger feed raw material into the intermediate bunker
3. feed screw to the dryer
4. dryer
5. reactor
6. discharging screw-cooler
7. intermediate screw for coal
8. coal receiving hopper (for 4 m3)
Possible types of raw materials: sawdust, chips, cereal husk, nutshells, straw, cane, rush, arunda grass.
The price of the coal combustion complex is 99,000 euros. We can also manufacture and supply equipment for the production of coal briquettes. The price of the line is 51,000 euros.
Terms of delivery FCA Belarus. Delivery is calculated individually.

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Драгун Александр
коммерческий директор
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Драгун Александр
Коммерческий директор
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Charcoal-burning machine/Charcoal production
251,850/equipment set ID: 22833
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